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Stainless Steel Notched Trowels 1/2 mm 11″

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It is the powerful tool to mix the epoxy chemicals.The unique design of the mixing tool generates a powerful flow in the material for optimum results in superfast time.These tool work effortlessely with minimum physical strain.Suitable for paints,primer coats,epoxy resin,etc.A stirrer rod is a equipment which is used to mix chemicals and liquids in the construction.Stir rods are generally made of steel.They are usually between 10 to 40 centimeters in length,about a half centimeters thick,and have rounded ends.They are created from steel.A stirring rod is used for mixing liquid.The stir rod is perfect for mixing liquids.The stir rod is perfect for mixing all terms and brands of epoxy and finish.This speciality plastic tool measures 4.5″ in length and a features a paddle on one end and a finer point on the other making it perfect apply for finish to guide and wraps as well as marbling.It is used for small volumes of mortar,cement,and grout.


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