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Spike Roller

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It is the special roller sold for epoxy. It is the polyster adhesive roller has a hard texture,making it ideal for applying all types of adhesives to smooth surface.It can be used for stippling tool.Epoxy roller is a application tool used for a paintaing large flat surface rapidly and effeciently.The roller consist of two parts a roller frame and a roller cover.The roller cover absorbs the paint and transfer it to the painted surface.The roller frame attached to the roller covers.Alabour holds the roller by the handle section.The roller frame is reuseable.It is possible to clean and reuse a roller cover,but it is also typically disposed of after use.Epoxy roller generally use a 3/16 inches nap.The nap is better attached and sheds little or generally release a lot of lint into the sticky epoxy during the first few minutes.


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