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SBR Latex Binder bucket

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SBR is known as Styrene Butadiene Rubber.  SBR Letex is used for general repairs and waterproofing applications.It is applicable in toilets,bathrooms chhajas,balconies and staircases.It is a good bonding agent.It used as a repair mortar for concrete and masonery repairs like spalled concrete of floors columns,beam,slab,parapets,etc.Highly versatile in use.It is very easy to use and handle.This chemical is multipurpose and ecnomical.prevents cracking of cement by reducing shrinkage.Improves adhesive strength of mixed mortar.It bonds strongly to old and new concrete to plaster.Improves erosion resistance and prevents corrosion.Improves the hardness and prevents dust generation. High bonding strength.Economical genaral waterproof coating.Its a superior waterproofing chemical in construction.It having high bond strength.


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