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It is single component. It is non sag polyurethane sealant. It is a good waterproofing bonding agent. This sealants have high performance for effective sealing of moving, expansion and joints between various types of construction material in high rise building. It is used in basements,floorings,sealing joints in between precast concrete panels, tiles bricks, and marbles etc.It can be reduce the failure due to heterogeneity when imperfect mixing. It cures by absorption of moisture from air, at ambient temperature with humidity. It has no external cured required.  It is excellent adhesive for concrete ,brick work, painted woods,glass,glazed surface,aluminium,stainless steel, steel  and plastic like polyester and pvc.It gives benefits of variety of applications. It gives airtight sealing. It does not flow down from the joint. These sealant is moisture curing, low modulus sally terminated up sealant for sealing of dynamic joints and cracks. It can be used in interiors or exteriors. After curing, it becomes a flexible rubber type. It is highly water resistance. It is highly durable. It is environment friendly. It is applicable in sealing dynamic joints, expansion joints. It is also used to filled the gap in sanitary areas and other surface.


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