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EC500 is a two component ,high strength,adhesive anchoring system.The pure epoxy ratio is3:1.It is design for bonding threaded rod and re inforcing bar into drilled holes in concrete base and solid masonery materials.Heavy duty &medium load applications.Styrene free.The ingredient of product is odorless and non toxic.It is suitable for diamond drilled holes.The chemical is suitable for big diameter,rebar,and rods.The product is highly durable.Idea for indoor or outdoor usage.The product can be easily used long time.The product can be used in any climate.the normal temperature range is o’c to 40’c. The orange colur of the product is easy to detect and monitor.It is best for all types of substrate such as concrete,rock,alc or hollow material.EC500 have high pull strength.It has excellent thixotropic property, no sagging for ceiling and vertical wall anchoring installation. Anchoring installation for new construction where steel bar or bolts are not pre-embedded. RE-construction of old building, column expanding. Suitable for column, floor, concrete walls.


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